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Hi all, due to the delay of my internet usage, I was unable to reply to requests for a free mini Tarot Reading. I am back on board and will answer your questions as soon as possible!! Love and Light Lynz

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How can tarot help you on your path to your future you might ask? How can such picture cards predict anything? 

Tarot cards may just look like they are picture cards, however, there is alot more to the tarot than just images. If you take time to take note of the images you will realize they tell a story. This is alot like looking at a photo and seeing the actual events taking place. There is no movement in the photo but you can already see what is happening. 

Just one individual tarot card can produce a story that has a meaning to it. Which is where your questions are answered. A photo image presents such a similar picture. So, therefore you are able to gain an intuitive prediction of what is happening with that card laid out before you.

In photo's you might see someone standing at the edge of a platform ready to dive into a pool. You immediately see the happiness on the person's face and smile at the image. This is a close representation of how tarot cards are being read for you. We are able to give messages to you through the cards by seeing colours, symbols, and any action we think might be represented.

It does take alot of concentration and focus and the depth of the cards are essential for a good tarot reading. Sometimes, however, we may only offer the most guidance that is needed for the customer at the time. In other words, if you do not need to know such information, we will not present you with more than is needed.

Along with reading tarot, we are also guided by angels or spiritguides, we say a strengthening prayer to help guide us through tarot or any other spiritual gifts we have. And through this guidance we allow our minds to be silent to hear such answers through intuition. You can also learn about this through websites I have on my links page, or you can google it in the search engine.  This why I let my customers know that tarot is only a guidance tool, nothing is set in stone and we create our own destinies.

If we truly rely on tarot readers, psychic......etc. We block the growth of leading the lives we would like to live. It is important to have an open-mind when receiving a reading and be able to follow guidance if we so choose to.  If we can accept this, we will be free from negative energies and allow ourselves time to grow.

If you are interested, I am offering a free mini  email tarot reading. This opportunity is for you to try a reading before you buy. Just fill in the form below. 

However, if you would like an in-depth reading, you can purchase this through paypal. Or can simply purchase by signing up to paybox and making payment this way. If you choose this payment please let me know by contacting me on the "Contact Lynz," tab. You can view the readings I offer below. Also if you would like to receive updates, Online Webinar events, Weekly Tarot Reading and much more. Sign up to my newsletter by filling out the mailing list form below. Don't forget to view my blog by visiting "Lynz Blog," tab. Overall, I hope you enjoy view Lynz Tarot Website.  Don't forget to bookmark or add this page to your favourites!!

love and light


For those of you who have recently signed up to get a free mini reading please re-submit this form and add your email address or I wont be able to reply to your message. Thank you lynz 

Free Mini Reading

Now you can order other readings I also offer! Check the list below for more information.

Photo Readings $35.00 - I will need a close-up photo of you, so I can see and feel your energy.

Love Reading $20.00 - I will focus on your love question and answer anything about love only.

5 Card Reading $30.00 - This card reading gives an option to ask five different questions. Each card will relate to the question. 

Custom Tarot Reading $40.00 - I will customise a spread reading for a single-focused reading. This reading is similar to the Love Reading. However, you get to choose which subject you would like to focus on.

Click on the "Add to Cart," below to purchase your order.

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